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Sheraton Special Offers


Sheraton Discounts, up to 40% off Selected Sheraton Kitchens

  • Up to 40% off selected kitchens, see below or ring for latest details.
    • 40% off
      • Mattonella Gloss Black (PG2)
    • 25% off
      • Ivory In-Frame (PG3), Painted In-Frame*  (PG3)
    • 20% off
      • Broad Style Ivory.
    • 15% off
      • Mattonella Gloss White (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Stone (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Ivory (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Cashmere (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Light Grey (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Grey (PG2).
      • Lucente Gloss Ivory (PG3), Lucente Gloss White (PG3).
      • Wood Framed Lisa Oak (PG6).
      • Wood Framed Painted* (PG7).
    • 10% off
    • All Woodgrain Colours (PG0) including:
      • Amazonas (PG0), Champagne Avola (PG0), White Avola (PG0), Driftwood (PG0), Lissa Oak (PG0), Natural Oak (PG0), Sand Oak (PG0), Arlington Oak # (PG0), Natural Pacific Walnut (PG0), Bardolino Oak# (PG0), Brown Grey Avola (PG0), Nabraska Oak (PG0), Hemlock Nordique # (PG0), Hemlock Barrique # (PG0), Crystal Gloss White (PG0), Crystal Gloss Truffle (PG0), Crystal Gloss Ivory (PG0), Crystal Light Grey (PG0), Crystal Gloss Cashmere  PG0), Crystal Gloss Anthracite (PG0), Cube* (PG0), Embossed * (PG0).
      • Contemporary Buttermilk (PG1), Broad Style Buttermilk (PG1), Ivory Shaker (PG1), Lisa Oak Shaker (PG1), Ferrara Natural Oak (PG1), Sand Oak Shaker (PG1),
      • Gloss White Shaker (PG3), Gloss Stone Shaker (PG3), In-Line Gloss Ivory (PG3), In-Line Gloss White (PG3), In-Line Gloss Grey (PG3), In-Line Gloss Cashmere (PG3), In-Line Gloss Light Grey (PG3), In-Line Gloss Anthracite (PG3).
      • Sand Oak Wood Shaker (PG4).

*= Applies to all colours

#= Horizontal & Vertical

Starting Tuesday 2 May 2017 and ending Friday 28th July 2017 for delivery by Friday 9th June 2017. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Promotional discount applies to all door/drawer units and integrated appliance fascias, listed in the July 2016 Product Directory.
  • Minimum order value on full kitchen orders of £1000.
  • Final qualifying orders need to be with the sales office by 4pm Friday 28th July 2017.
  • Promotion applies to new orders received from Tuesday 2 May 2017.

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