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sheraton-logoSheraton is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of rigid fitted kitchens, supplying a wide network of independent specialists across the UK. Each Sheraton kitchen is made to order and supplied rigid, with all doors, drawers and accessories pre-fitted, saving you time and money on installation.

With over 70 kitchens designed to meet your requirements, we believe you will be surprised at the value offered by the kitchens supplied by your local Sheraton retailer, County Kitchens who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.


  • Up to 40% off selected kitchens, see below or ring for latest details.
  • 40% off
  • Broad Style Buttermilk  (PG1).


  • 25% off
  • Ivory In-Frame (PG3), Gloss Stone Shaker (PG3).


  • 20% off
  • Lissa Oak Shaker (PG1), Sand Oak Shaker (PG1), Broad Style Ivory (PG1).
  • Mattonella Gloss White (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Stone (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Ivory (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Cashmere (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Light Grey (PG2), Mattonella Gloss Grey (PG2).
  • Gloss White Shaker (PG3), Lucente White (PG3), Lucente Ivory (PG3), Edwardian Buttermilk (PG3), Edwardian Platinum White (PG3).
  • Sand Oak Wood Shaker (PG4), Lissa Oak Wood Shaker (PG4).


  • 15% off
  • In-Line Gloss Ivory (PG3), In-Line Gloss White (PG3), In-Line Gloss Grey (PG3), In-Line Gloss Cashmere (PG3), In-Line Gloss Light Grey (PG3), In-Line Gloss Anthracite (PG3).


  • 10% off
  • Crystal Gloss White (PG0), Crystal Gloss Truffle (PG0), Crystal Gloss Ivory (PG0), Crystal Light Grey (PG0), Crystal Gloss Cashmere  PG0), Crystal Gloss Anthracite (PG0).
  • Ivory Shaker (PG1), Satin White (PG1), Flute Ivory (PG1).



Starting Monday 29th January 2018 and ending Friday 27th April 2018 for delivery by Friday 1st June 2018. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Promotional discount applies to all door/drawer units and integrated appliance fascias, listed in the July 2017 Product Directory.
  • Minimum order value on full kitchen orders of £1000.
  • Final qualifying orders need to be with the sales office by 4pm Friday 27th April 2018.
  • Promotion applies to new orders received from Monday 29th January 2018.

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